Witness the unbelievable in Toon Boom Animation’s 2024 Educational Reel


Witness the unbelievable in Toon Boom Animation’s 2024 Educational Reel

Each year, animation students publish inventive and ground-breaking projects. Beyond a rite of passage, for many animators in the industry a thesis film is their first opportunity to create and direct a fully-realized original work. To honour animation students, Toon Boom Animation is highlighting clips from our extended community of students around the world who push the boundaries of what audiences expect from animation.

2024’s Education Showreel features our favourite clips from students, and includes participants in programs like The Orange Tree Project as well as the 24 HOURS Animation Contest. This reel reflects the work that students around the world create in a wide variety of styles, all made using Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro.

You can watch the full reel below:

Toon Boom Animation’s 2024 Educational Showreel.
  • The King Fish, Kai Rosales, Pixel Blue College (0:00)
  • Cactus and the Kid, Effren Villaneuva, Woodbury University (0:06)
  • Student Animation, Dylan Losell, Okanagan College (0:09)
  • Netflix Paradise PD, Chelsea Cantrell, University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute (0:11)
  • Help Them, Debora Guglietta, Nemo Academy (0:14)
  • Ape Escape, Nicholas Shepherd, AIT Creative (0:17)
  • A Futile Chase, Dylan Olivia Womack, Middle Tennessee State University (0:20)
  • Phoenix D’Acier, Vincent Tremblay, Cégep du Vieux Montréal (0:22)
  • Catch the Moon, Schantelle Alonzo, School of Visual Arts (0:25)
  • Swing Batter Batter, Jordan Auclair, Centre for Arts and Technology (0:28)
  • Human Contact, Kiana Tucker, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (0:30)
  • Loopdeloop, Katherine Yuan, RMIT (0:33)
  • Dragon Fries, Caleb Terrasas, Utah Valley University (0:36)
  • Zelie and the Snapdragon, Cordelia Evans, Utah Valley University (0:39)
  • Victorian Eviction, Ethan Sullivan and Alexander Sullivan, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (0:43)
  • Midnight at Moes Thrift, Morgan Boyd, Utah Valley University (0:46)
  • Genie Guardian, Emily Pohlman, University of Saint Francis (0:48)
  • Catabasis, Arlo Belconger, Devon Thurgood, and Joshua Hardy, Utah Valley University (0:50)
  • Jehlo Walk Animation, Connie Saunders, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Students (0:53)
  • NICO, Dailies Productions, Technological University of the Shannon (0:55)
  • Student Animation, Anastasiya Voytovych, Okanagan College (0:59)
  • Restaurant Slip-up, Dominic Saporiti, Middle Tennessee State University (1:02)
  • The Werewolf Talk, Better Youth (1:04)
  • The Power Of Music, José Hirales and Ferchizz Garcia, CAAV (1:07)
  • Nightcrawling, Students from APSU, Austin Peay State University (1:10)
  • Longing for Freedom, Laura Karsten, Centre for Arts and Technology (1:13)
  • Student Animation, Mitchy Richards, Okanagan College (1:16)
  • More than a Monster, Roman Schroeder, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (1:18)
  • Wren and Haru, Ruah Suarez, Academy of Art University (1:20)
  • The Experiment, Ruah Suarez, Academy of Art University (1:21)
  • Efimero, Camila Madrigal, Universidad De Artes Digitales (1:22)
  • Holding Hands, Emily Gray, Centre for Arts and Technology (1:25)
  • Magic Mushrooms, Mattaus Crombie, Centre for Arts and Technology (1:27)
  • The Pumpkin Plot, Nicole Gribbin and Anoushka Shellard, University of Hertfordshire (1:29)
  • Student Animation, Muriel Craig, Okanagan College (1:31)
  • Self Reflections, Charlene Cohen, Woodbury University (1:33)
  • Burn: The Witch, Delaney Evans, Woodbury University (1:36)
  • La Rosa Roja, Keith Palomera, Universidad De Artes Digitales (1:40)
  • Midnight Chrysalis, Camren Missimer, Rochester Institute of Technology (1:43)
  • Dissolve, Mary Eisbrenner, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (1:45)
  • Seraph, Andrea Rebecca Marchini, NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (1:49)
  • We Will Find a Way, Genna Davis, University of Saint Francis (1:54)
  • Ellri, Laura Quintanilla, Universidad De Artes Digitales (1:58)
  • Meat Grinder, Tea Endols, Pixel Blue College (2:02)
  • Fresh Face, Breana Conover, Utah Valley University (2:09)
  • Bull’s Bowls, Kaitlyn Andrus, Gabriel Coppieters, Savannah Hoffmeier, Utah Valley University (2:12)
  • A Pirate Day, Chiara Ciarapica, Rainbow Academy ©2023 (2:16)
  • Boutique Alléchante, Hoà Léa Bourget-Pelletier, Laval University (2:19)
  • Cryptic Adventures: THE MOTHMAN, Brianna Lambert, Utah Valley University (2:23)
  • Celebration, Schantelle Alonzo, School of Visual Arts (2:27)
  • Dead or Alive, William Andrews, Southern Institute of Technology (2:30)
  • Spicy Boyz, Inseong Lee, Southern Institute of Technology (2:34)
  • Draco and The Slime Lair, Joshua Reedy, Southern Institute of Technology (2:37)
  • Students vs. Zombies, Amanda Berlove, Creative Centre @ Northview Heights Secondary School (2:41)

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