Designing Success: Top 7 Must-Read Books for Every Student in Search of Inspiration


Designing Success: Top 7 Must-Read Books for Every Student in Search of Inspiration

When you need to design success and achieve peace of mind both in your studies and daily life, you should turn to books that will help you to become inspired. Some books will help you to gain confidence, while others will bring tears to your eyes as you read about someone’s story that will hit home. Now, taking your time to find something good is one of those things you should not ignore, as there is always a book that will change your life and make you feel so much better. Just open your heart and mind as you strive for success!

Top 7 Must-Read Books for Every Student in Search of Inspiration

1. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

It is one of those symbolic books that you will understand when you are a pre-schooler and someone who is a college student. It is the power of love and empathy that instantly brings things to life and analysis. If there is one book that will cheer you up, it is this legendary book. If you are unsure about what it’s about, you may approach help on research papers and ask an expert, especially if you wish to compose an assignment on a book you have read.

2. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. 

It tells a story about a nine-year-old child, the son of a German WWII commandant. By making friends with a Jewish boy, the child does not understand what is going on. It is a powerful book that shows us that we are taught about evil and oppression and that we are not born with it! If you wish to read something poignant, it is this book.

3. Indistractable by Nir Eval. 

This book is great for students as it tells us about how to overcome distractions. It also explains that listening to music or wearing headphones is not always the best way to find peace. It helps to achieve success and shows you how to find your inner voice by listening to what you really need. It is accessible and an easy book to read, so make sure to check it!

4. It´s Not About You by Tom Rath. 

It is one of those amazing books that will make you teary and help you bring your emotions to another level. This book tells us that life is not about what happens to us but about what we do to others. It tells the story of a sixteen-year-old with a rare genetic disease as you learn more about life and see what things truly matter in life.

5. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

It is a book about having two mindsets where one of them is fixed and another is the one that we have instilled (growth mindset). The fixed mindset is basically what we are born with as we grow up, as we create our comfort zone, while the other mindset, or a growth mindset, is what we can keep flexible. This book provides many practical life examples, so if you need case studies as a student, do not miss this one!

6. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. 

The morning is always essential for a student as we all know. This book helps you to design a positive morning route. Silence, exercises, reading, doing some pleasant things, and more. It is a great guide that you will definitely enjoy!

7. Elastic Habits by Stephen Guise. 

This book helps you to become flexible and open-minded. It provides you with a schedule to make some minor changes every single day. So if you want to find a solution that you can try out, this book is for you. It’s inspiring, explanatory, and funny to a point, as it also involves study habits that you can learn.

Taking Notes While You Read

If you are expecting some book to do all the mental growth instead of you and hand you a solution between the lines, it is not likely to be the case. You must approach each book as a guide or as a friend who suggests where to start by showing the safe stepping stones. One of the best things you can do as a book reader is to start a diary and think about taking notes by writing down the bits from the book or start with reflective writing practice. You can choose a topic and outline those book aspects that feel close to you or think about composing a tale by designing a storyline where you talk about emotions based on a subject that you choose. It will help you to get your writing improved and boost your analytical and strategic thinking skills.

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